John Wodka, Digital Marketing & Web Development

John is a digital strategist and web developer. His love for taking things apart and putting them back together again drove his career pivot from traditional to digital media.

He worked in sales and management for several radio stations in Dallas/Fort Worth over his 21-year career. During that time, his leadership led to earning “Station of the Year” in 2000 while at Clear Channel Communications. Later, he led the ESPN Radio sales staff in Dallas Mavericks play-by-play sales and coordinated live player events. John progressed to national sales management at Service Broadcasting, Inc., working with many of the top ad agencies and campaigns in the U.S.

John saw the need to help his clients develop digital strategies that integrated brand messaging and traditional media into fluidly-run email marketing and social media campaigns. He also assisted his clients by designing mobile responsive websites, giving their visitors a better online experience.

John splits his time between web development and creating inbound marketing campaigns.