New IABC Academy Course: The Communication Audit

Savvy organizations know the smart move is to truly understand their customers and invest the time, effort and resources necessary to provide the best possible customer experience along a series of touchpoints. By placing the customer at the center of their decision-making process, these organizations not only address a customer’s needs, but often anticipate them—providing solutions or services customers didn’t even know they needed (or wanted).

While organizations often have a good grasp of their external audiences, they fall short of applying the same customer-centric approach to their employee experience. Because the ultimate ownership of the brand lies in the hands of individual employees, they must have a clear understanding of the organization’s “why” and how they contribute to a successful customer experience. In the long run, this understanding is critical to the organization’s success.

My new self-paced IABC Academy course looks at the communication audit as a customer journey—in which the employee is the consumer of the information needed to deliver on the organization’s brand promise. A communication audit it is a highly useful (and necessary) tool for discovering gaps in understanding within an organization. You will gain the practical knowledge needed to conduct a strategic communication audit, delivered step-by-step through a series of self-paced modules.

The journey begins with understanding the key business issues that drive the need for the audit and how to connect those needs directly to organizational priorities. You will learn how to plan for the audit, establish clear goals and objectives, gather information efficiently and effectively, and translate your insights into actionable improvements for your communication organization —all while keeping your internal customer front and center.

In the end, a successful communication audit can provide the foundation for an employee-centric organization that enjoys exceptional alignment with organizational strategy, a clear understanding of the brand, and the momentum and enthusiasm to drive growth.

Career levels: Generalist/Specialist, Strategic Adviser

Costs: IABC members: US$175, non-members: US$250

Dates: Ongoing, self-paced

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