Huffington Post: Women Entrepreneurs Share the Truth About Work-Life Balance

Gayle Goodman, Pro-Activation’s president and CEO, was selected by Julie Barnes, Huffington Post blogger, for a story about work-life balance for women entrepreneurs:
As seen on Huffpost Women | Author: Julie Barnes
Whether it’s for the flexibility, a result of corporate burnout, or to leave a legacy, women are starting businesses in record numbers. For many female entrepreneurs and small-business owners, the endless task of building a business mixed with family demands and community involvement leads to a bit of overwhelm, but through delegation, women are utilizing tools and resources to create life balance while making their entrepreneurial dreams a reality.
The truth of balance for female entrepreneurs is that it’s never easy, and sometimes balance is impossible. You’ll have days when work has you up early and late in the same day, when you eat on the run (if at all) and wish you could get more than four hours of sleep. Gayle Goodman, executive vice president and partner, ExperiPro LLC, finds balance in making sure she keeps a very, very accurate calendar and plans all activities as much in advance as possible, with “air” in between each. “Meetings run long. The carpool line is sometimes out of control. You get flat tires. You cannot book yourself so solid that you are running from place to place. When you are late to a single location, it becomes a domino effect for every meeting following it,” says Goodman. “I also have a realistic expectation of what can be done in a day.”

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